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Adrian + Aimee


Here’s the thing, I don’t get excited very often.

K, that was a lie. I get excited a lot… >__<

especially for weddings. ESPECIALLY…….  surprise weddings (!) 😀

It is my pleasure to introduce to you .. Adrian and Aimee…..

This delightful couple decided to have a wedding…. and told no one!  (except me of course…. + a couple of others… lol 😉 )

they held their ceremony at Maraetai, at a breath-taking venue, up on the hill overlooking the vast ocean…  .. . …~~~.. >-{-O ~~. .. .. <- that’s me drifting away….. .. ..Aaaanyways……

Adrian… Aimee… Thank you for letting us capture your truly special (secret) day .. 🙂

….. by the way… it’s a definite NO-Secret to any of us that you TWO are In-LOVE!!! 😉

Much love,

3:23 – D







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