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Mirna + Arief // Queenstown Engagement


7,548 km
Distance from Indonesia to Queenstown
This was how far Mirna & Arief have travelled for their engagement photoshoot, to say that we were excited to take their photos in arguably one of the most beautiful place on earth is probably an understatement.

M+A-14M+A-33M+A-14M+A-23M+A-22M+A-120M+A-55M+A-6M+A-410M+A-448M+A-544M+A-581M+A-584 copyM+A-326M+A-377M+A-1118M+A-1140M+A-26M+A-38M+A-848M+A-865M+A-751M+A-8M+A-878M+A-762M+A-586 copyM+A-894M+A-28M+A-27M+A-969M+A-1022M+A-1019M+A-1801M+A-612M+A-585 copyM+A-649M+A-1594M+A-43

We hope you’ve enjoyed these photos as much as we have enjoyed working with these two lovebirds.


Queenstown, you never disappoint.
Until next time!
Much love,

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