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Auckland Wedding Photographer // Roshika + Shehan


You see, I love weddings & I count it a privilege to be able to attend so many in my lifetime. Roshika + Shehan’s was one such occassion. After our fun engagement shoot last year – I find myself really adoring these two (at-first) camera-shy couple. It was quite evident that their friendship and love for each other continued to grow until their big day at Markovina Estate – there were absolutely no shortage of love, smiles and not to mention dance moves (courtesy of one little girl)!

R+S WEDDING-116R+S WEDDING-48R+S WEDDING-27R+S WEDDING-11R+S WEDDING-239R+S WEDDING-182R+S WEDDING-279R+S WEDDING-156R+S WEDDING-197R+S WEDDING-218 copyR+S WEDDING-259 copyR+S WEDDING-379R+S WEDDING-393R+S WEDDING-418R+S WEDDING-519R+S WEDDING-566R+S WEDDING-572R+S WEDDING-369R+S WEDDING-601R+S WEDDING-634R+S WEDDING-655R+S WEDDING-639R+S WEDDING-636R+S WEDDING-369 copyR+S WEDDING-731R+S WEDDING-789R+S WEDDING-852R+S WEDDING-855R+S Wedding-1171R+S Wedding-1099R+S Wedding-1112R+S Wedding-1135R+S Wedding-1170R+S Wedding-1180R+S Wedding-1245R+S Wedding-1260R+S Wedding-1296R+S Wedding-1317R+S WEDDING-688 copyR+S Wedding-1318R+S Wedding-1279R+S Wedding-1524 copyR+S Wedding-1542R+S Wedding-1548R+S Wedding-1549R+S Wedding-1550R+S Wedding-1440R+S WEDDING-280 copyR+S Wedding-1597R+S Wedding-1605R+S Wedding-1639R+S Wedding-1643R+S Wedding-1673R+S Wedding-1684R+S Wedding-1692R+S Wedding-1681R+S Wedding-1704R+S Wedding-1584 copy

Roshika + Shehan – Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible love story!

Much love,

3:23 – Daud


April 7, 2014 - 7:54 PM

Eve - Simply stunning! It looks more like a spread in a magazine than something real. It’s perfection. I was going ask how much you charge, but just realized how far away you are. ): I stumbled upon you by accident. CURSE YOU, MOM, FOR HAVING ME IN THE US.

April 7, 2014 - 7:58 PM

3:23 - Thanks Eve! we’d travel to US no worries, just let us know when and where! 🙂

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