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Auckland Wedding Photographer // Aimee + Ben


Aimee + Ben’s wedding was our first photoshoot in 2014, and what an event it was! The whole day all I could think about was, could this day be any more perfect? it was a perfect day with perfect weather, perfect couple, perfect venue, perfect photographer – just kidding!

It felt certainly like a family event, when I observed the emotions, there was nothing but happiness from both sides of the family . They are a couple in love, and whenever a couple is this much in love, it makes for absolutely gorgeous photos!

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Aimee + Ben, thank you for a lovely start to our wonderful year!

Much love,

Team 3:23

February 13, 2014 - 5:37 PM

Sammy Edwards - Thank you guys for these amazing photos. You made me feel a part of my beautiful cousins wedding day all the way from Australia. You guys are amazing the photos are incredible. So excited for Aimee and Ben! What an incredible couple xoxo

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