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Auckland Wedding Photographer // Darren + Stephanie // Married!


It’s hard to put Darren & Steph’s wedding into words so we will just let their photos do the writing 😉

S+D-50S+D-68S+D-589S+D-87S+D-606S+D-160S+D-167S+D-713S+D-175 copyS+D-248


S+D-728S+D-262 copyS+D-277S+D-282S+D-290 copyS+D-323S+D-313S+D-336S+D-338S+D-350S+D-357S+D-369S+D-374S+D-383S+D-386S+D-394S+D-421 copyS+D-442 copyS+D-501S+D-507S+D-508S+D-665

There’s just something about Young Love! S+D-437
S+D-527S+D-520 copyS+D-672 copyS+D-676 copyS+D-680S+D-543S+D-549S+D-550S+D-570S+D-569S+D-571

Steph & Darren, thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Much love,

3:23 – D+N





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