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Chris + Emma + Sophie + ?

Haaaaappppyyyyyy Queeeennn’s birthday!!! 😀

or should I say… Happy long weekend! Woohoooo!

and to commemorate this occasion, this week we have Chris & Emma’s maternity photoshoot! Yay!!

Chris + Emma, what a lovely family you have. Sophia (3) is such a wonderful kid, and she’s definitely not shy of the camera! “Future catalog girl” Emma said. I agree!

We started off at their home… lovely 3 beddie in a Golden location (do i sound like a real estate agent? ..maybe…. Buy noW!) K… moving on…

Sophie absolutely loves to kiss Emma’s belly! .. Soo sweet!!

Sooooooooo cute isn't sheee?!?!

Emma + Bump = one beautiful mum!

Emma: “Sophia thinks she’s got a baby on her tummy too… ” ….

Daud: “Really? I don’t believe it…”

Lo and behold……

Kids do the darnest thing don't they?!



So… after a while, Sophia got a bit bored… so we decided to bribe her (mwahahha)… with her absolutely favourite snack – Chocolate raisins!! (mmmm…chocolate……. mmmm… . .. .) whoops.. sorry got distracted there…


And then back to her second most favourite thing to do….. Jumping!! yaaay!

Jump Jump Jump!


Sophia: “That’s me daddy! That’s me!”

Chris: “…. Yea I don’t think that was dear… you weren’t even thought of yet… ” … LOL

Soo…. Later on, Chris & Em decided to take us to this AMAZING little cafe called ..littleandfriday … and I have to say, i’ve been to a few cafe’s in NZ, but this has got to jump into my TOP 5 most favourite!

Here it is:

10/10 Amazingness Rating!

… They’re even on Facebook! : Littlefridayfacebook

Nom Nom Nom Nom!

Cup o’ Tea couple 😉

Did I mention how AWESOME this Cafe was?!?

We ended the day @ the park around the corner for some (ehm…) more Romantic shots  😉 …

1…2…3…. Aaawwwhhhhh…..


Aren’t they sweeeet  😉

Facebook profile dp Chris? 😉

Chris/ Emma, We absolutely can’t wait for baby to arrive!!! Thank you for letting us spend the day with you! Let’s ‘Tea’ up a catch up again soon! 😉

Much love,


3:23 — D+N



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