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Auckland Wedding Photographer // Joseph + Arby

 Joseph & Arby’s wedding was a beautiful display of love, and honour.

I will commit my life to you and love you faithfully forever.

Because forever is what I want for you and me.”

I can’t promise we won’t have conflicts because I know we will, and I cant promise you a perfect life because I

know it won’t be – but it will be a perfect life lived with you, pursuing the Lord until our time on this earth is up.”

“I vow to be the helpmeet that God created me to be for you. I trust Him to help me learn with each blessed moment with you. I praise Him that now I will be one with you, the other half of your heart.”

“I vow to honour and respect you. I vow to be faithful, and submit to you in everything. In sickness and in health, through richness and poverty, I am yours alone. “

“Today, I give you all of me, with no fear, no reservations, just love. “

“Overflowing, abundant, unconditional love.”

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